Papipet is dedicated to manufacturing textured products for yall pets since 2016, and we only focus on making your pet better life.

We are a Shenzhen-based manufacturer, and we are a enterprise who is integrating development, design, manufacture and service together, Papipet not only offer OEM & ODM service, but also use more than 4 years experience and expertise to continually improve the service that we offer, to ensure that we add more value to clients who choose Papipet products.

Our core value is that all the products which you take from Papipet are with high quality and reasonable price! To meet this rule, we have involved a team who works in pet product on R&D, Marketing, Sourcing (vertical integrate supplier chain) Quality control and Factory management for more than 10years. Beyond this, the delivery is no longer the obstacle between our cooperation and we also offer you a fast feedback system which can reply you in 24hrs.

Since 2016, we have built a very good reputation for providing a superb range of pet product in Europe, North America and Oceanic Nations.

All productions and testing is completed on site at our factory facility, ensuring that we have full control our product quality, and keep you involved throughout the whole process.

Trust us! Papipet’s self-service consciousness will allow you to get a higher purchase experience!